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The Sea Spirit Collection:

Updated: Feb 3

I was born & raised in the stormy beach town of Wilmington, North Carolina where I spent most my childhood barefoot, exploring the ever-changing shores along the Atlantic.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a scavenger. I guess you could say I have quite the 'crow brain,' always scanning my environment for something interesting to carry home. In my 23 years of searching, I have found all sorts of items - from quartz crystals to diamond rings, but nothing compares to the powerful gifts I have been given by the Atlantic Ocean.

It was not until last year that I finally realized I had been intuitively collecting all of these items so that one day I could share these magical gifts with you. That day has finally come!

Each unique magical tool has been spiritually cleansed & charged using all 5 of the elements.

🜄 Water: the purifying salt water from which it came.

🜂  Fire: a hand-crafted pine smudge stick.

🜁 Air: sitting under a blessed Himalayan salt lamp for 3 days.

🜃 Earth: intuitively chosen crystals.

Spirit: meditation & attunement



Also known as Witch Stones, Adder Stones, Snake Eggs, Hex Stones, Fairy Stones, Holy Stones, Holeys, and Eye Stones.

They may not look like much, but Hag Stones are powerful amulets that have been used in folk magic around the world for generations. What makes these stones so special is the naturally occurring hole through the center which was created over the years by moving water. The smooth aspect of the stone comes from months of tumbling through sand & waves. Legend has it, that witchcraft & negativity cannot work past moving water, making these stones the ultimate protection amulets.

Spiritualists believe that Hag Stones can aid in fertility spells, accessing the Divine Feminine, maintaining good health, curing sickness, warding off negativity, banishing spirits, & protecting animals. Hang one in your doorway or window for home protection or above a bed for sweet dreams. Display one in your car for safe travels. Place one on your Yule or Christmas Tree as an ornament to bring in good energy for the holidays. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Fae by looking through one. These amulets truly contain a Pandora's Box of uses.

Each stone has been hand wrapped with copper wire & beaded to create a wonderful disco ball effect when the light hits them, naturally charging their energy. However, these tools work in similar ways to dream catchers, so make sure to clear the energy as needed.

Pre-made & customs are available upon request.



Much like sage or palo santo, pine smoke cleansing can clear your space of unwanted negativity, spirits, & unbalanced energy. However, pine smoke cleansing is not considered a closed practice like those previously mentioned. Pine works to draw in positive qualities like happiness, good fortune, health, & abundance. Each bundle comes with a large clam shell to catch the ashes in as you go around your space. If a spark pops off during your cleanse, this indicates a space of negativity that you have successfully removed. If your bundle begins rapidly singeing, or is aflame then suddenly goes out, this could indicate a spirit presence that needs further attention. Simply redirecting your energy to removing the unwanted spirit with confidence will do the trick.

All pine has been ethically collected from trees lining the Atlantic Ocean & hand-wrapped with love. The smell of pine smoke cleansing is often considered to be earthy and much like a bonfire. Those with young children and pets, or those with asthma related illnesses, should not engage in smoke cleanings without proper air flow. Always be sure to crack a door or window so they energy (and smoke) can leave your space successfully.

Charms Available: Shells, Fossilized Coral, Shark's Teeth, Hag Stones, Ocean Tumbled Crystals.

Limited supply of pre-made bundles available. Customs are made upon request, but please remember that pine can take weeks to dry fully. Custom bundles arrive to you green & will turn an ashy brown hue when they are ready for use. Still ripening pine bundles can be placed on an altar as an offering or above a doorway for extra home protection.



Some of my favorite spellwork tools are the fossilized corals, shells, & sea tumbled crystals I have found along my journeys. The calm grounding energy they have brought to my practice is truly unmatched, and so I wanted to bring this experience to you. Custom spellwork or altar kits can be made to fit any budget!



Mermaid purses, rare shells, whelk egg casings, shark's teeth, & more! Some will be available individually and others will be put into custom spellwork kits or curiosity boxes.



One of my most coveted pieces of jewelry is a simple silver chain with a hag stone on it. Powerful hand-crafted hag stone & ocean tumbled crystal jewelry. Designed to ward off negativity and keep your energy flowing. Customs available upon request!


Want to see how I collect some of these items? ⬇⬇⬇

I truly hope that you enjoy this collection & find the healing you seek.

Questions & Customs can email me at

With love,

Ashlyn Aquarius

© 2020 Ashlyn Aquarius. All rights reserved.

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