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What is Reiki?

Updated: Feb 1

Reiki is a method of transmitting divine energy & love so that the receiver may unblock stagnant energy, release emotions, overcome fears, & lay down their burdens in a safe container. Reiki is also used to help increase energy levels, facilitate deep relaxation, & invite happiness into the receiver.

This particular style of energy healing has been used consistently for over one hundred years & continues to be used in professional health & wellness services today. Although you may recognize several common reiki methods being used during our session, I allow our intuitive nature to get creative. We may use music, sound bowls, bells, drums, or ritual shakers in the process of unblocking energy. We may also use a few body movements or stretches if you are able. Think of this as your private soul spa.


Please be sure to begin the each reiki session hydrated and dressed comfortably. Loose clothing and easy to remove shoes are recommended. Sessions can take place on a reclining couch, yoga mat, or floor setup.

For virtual sessions, you will want to be in a peaceful, quiet, low distraction location for this (perhaps a couch, bed, or cozy chair). If you are able, remove your shoes prior to the start of energy work to allow for the proper flow.


Reiki energy going in and out of your body and auric field can be physically tiring. Some people express feeling deeply relaxed, meditative, or "a little out of it" following a reiki session. Other times people will leave the session feeling energetic, invigorated, or even creative. Occasionally, reiki healing may cause some latent emotions to arise. Every person and session is completely unique. I always recommend that you drink plenty of water and allow yourself to have space to relax following a reiki healing. If you are able, plan to take the night off from work or social interactions and get to sleep early.


As of September 2021, I have been certified for Reiki Level I & II of the Usui/Tibetan system of healing under Reiki Master Teacher, Teresa Buckner of Soul Journey Priestess. Listen to the free "Force To Flow" podcast episode I was interviewed on about the dual certification experience & total spiritual up-leveling following this reiki retreat here.

I am now offering transformative in-person reiki healing & energetic alignment sessions at 505 Old Mill Road, Castle Hayne, NC. These transformational sessions are hands-on, with the aid of attuned crystals, sound vibrational healing, aromatherapy & more. Couples sessions & animal sessions are available upon request.

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