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The Wilmington Mushroom Club

So much more than just mycology


Our Mission

To connect local farmers with each other & the community to grow the population of aware, informed & involved families in our area.

To create a safe space for humans of all ages who want to learn about their local environment in a hands-on way.

To increase the members in our community who are able to accurately identify both local toxic & edible mushrooms. 

To raise awareness & support for more sustainable

living/eating practices in our coastal community.

To add to the number of accessible community gardens & self-sustaining organic households in our area.

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Joe Diana

Joe Choi

Ashlyn Thompson

"The only thing I find more peculiar than mushrooms themselves is the fact that most people just walk by them without a second thought. About 10 years ago I stopped and thought "what is this actually?" I've been hooked ever since. 

About 5 years ago I got my first book Mycelium Running & my knowledge has only snowballed since. I've learned firsthand from Frank Hyman in Raleigh & I've received my Wild Mushroom Certification from Tradd Cotter with Mushroom Mountain. Most of my time is spent in the woods foraging, gardening, collecting & growing medicinal plants, making kombucha, whittling wood, cooking, and having recently begun making homemade artisanal live vinegars. I'm most excited to help teach & learn from this great community of like-minded people & am excited to see where it goes!"

Joe Choi is an outdoorsman, photographer, UNCW graduate, and certified mushroom forager! Along with Nicholl Gleason, Joe co-operates local farm Wholesome Greens.

Wholesome Greens, LLC is an artisanal suburban farm in Wilmington, NC. With microgreens at the top of their product list, Wholesome Greens also grows mushrooms, culinary herbs, edible flowers and produce. The farm's goals are to continually improve quality, customer satisfaction and awareness while strengthening our local communities.
Check out this article about Joe Choi here!

Ashlyn Thompson is a Wilmington local with a passion for bringing the community together through exercise, knowledge, & exploration.
Ashlyn graduated from NCSU in 2020 with a B.S. in Psychology and since then has started her own business as a spiritual practitioner, life coach, & holistic healing guide.

Ashlyn has always been interested in mushrooms, but really began her mycology journey in early 2021 when she learned about the many health & wellness properties of fungi. After realizing that Wilmington was full of wild edible & medicinal mushrooms, she saw a need for our community to be aware of the land we reside on. In October of that year she teamed up with Joe Choi to found The WMC. Although she is a novice mushroom forager, Ashlyn has quickly learned the basics & feels comfortable identifying multiple local species.

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We Want You!

The Wilmington Mushroom Club is a not-for-profit club in coastal North Carolina co-operated with Joe Choi of local farm Wholesome Greens, LLC, mushroom forager Joe Diana & founder Ashlyn Thompson. Our goal is to keep the club free, accessible & available to all.

Friends are welcome from far & wide!


To join the team, volunteer, donate, or host a workshop/class

please email

WMC Forage Highlights

Catch Up In Class

As requested, here are the slides from all 3 volunteer classes we teach. To get the full experience, check out the calendar to see when we will be teaching these next!

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Greenville, NC Friends

Join Our Sister Club

Forages - Workshops - Classses - Events

Proudly founded by WMC member, Leigh Kessel!

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