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Who Are You?

Ashlyn Aquarius is a 2020 North Carolina State University psychology graduate, spiritual life coach, reiki practitioner & intuitive card reader.
Serving as an unbiased mirror, she works to remind you of your own
personal power & bring conscious awareness to where you might be giving it away in your daily life. By taking a multidimensional, intersectional & holistic approach toward healing, Ashlyn aims to reinvigorate your inner strength, ignite a passion for decision making & help build the confidence needed to live the life you deserve.

Spiritual guidance messages can be received in many ways including through the use of paintings, tarot cards, oracle cards, charms, crystals, & more. In-person sessions are available at multiple locations around Wilmington, NC. Virtual sessions via Facetime or Zoom can be arranged for our long-distant or socially-distant friends.
These one-on-one private sessions cover a wide range of topics including interpersonal relationships, business, career, finances, love, loss, transitions & new beginnings. Although guidance is given, the ultimate goal is to bring you back to your innate inner knowing & reconnect you with your unique Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors.

What is your background?

Ashlyn was born & raised in the sunny coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina. Being brought up in the South, she was heavily involved in church-going activities from a young age. It was in high school that she realized her personal belief system had expanded beyond was she was raised to believe. She began to take a deep interest in the human mind & what caused people to hold on to certain belief systems that no longer served them. Searching to understand more, she attended North Carolina State University & obtained a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in English & Sociology. While in school, Ashlyn completed a wide range of courses including child development, cognitive process, learning & motivation, sensory inclusivity, animal behavior, philosophy, ethics, horticulture & agribusiness. With this wide range of interests, she began putting puzzle pieces together that would change the trajectory of her career from future therapist to future holisitc life coach.


Outside of traditional schooling, Ashlyn enjoys learning about world history, ancient civilizations, mythology, astrology, sacred geometry, quantum theory, & the origins of the Universe. As an active member of society, she regularly engages in a number of hands-on community activism events, natural space restoration projects, & sustainability-focused volunteer programs. In 2022, Ashlyn obtained a cerification for Adult/Infant Basic First Aid & CPR from The American Red Cross. 

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Where Can I Find You?


During the week, you can find Ashlyn at Healing Leaves Holistic Center located at 3329 Wrightsville Ave. STE C in Wilmington, NC! Healing Leaves is a local woman-owned wellness center focused on transforming the mind, body, and spirit through a wide variety of modalities & products. Reiki, estheticians, massage therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, reflexology, detox footbaths, shamanic journeys, sound baths & birth coaching with qualified practitioners all under one roof!

Throughout the year, Ashlyn offers one-on-one & small-group services as well as monthly classes & workshops. Appointments & walk-ins are welcome at Healing Leaves e
very Thursday from 11-6pm.

To book an in-person session at Healing Leaves visit this link here!

Mystic Elements

Throughout the week, you can find Ashlyn's products at Mystic Elements Spiritual Living of Wilmington, NC! Fairy jars, intention jars, ceramic mushrooms, and magical goodies of all kinds.

Mystic Elements is a locally owned metaphysical store that provides a wide variety of spiritual tools including crystals, candles, tarot & oracle cards, pendulums, smoke cleansing sticks, herbs, incense, books, singing bowls & more. This is a one stop spiritual shop you don't want to miss out on during your visit to town.

Mystic Elements is located at 833 S Kerr Ave. next to Apple Annie's. 

What else do you do?

Ashlyn currently co-operates The Wilmington Mushroom Club (est. 2021) in partnership with Joe Choi of local farm Wholesome Greens, LLC. The aim of this grassroots educational club is to enhance the public's knowledge of mycology, increase proper identification of local species, provide hands-on foraging experience & expand sustainability practices.
As the movement grows, we hope to advance our community by adding to the number of local farms, accessible community gardens, & native planted yards. Club
 meet-ups will be held monthly - Locations & Dates will be uploaded to the official WMC Facebook & Instagram pages. To learn more & join, click

Get in touch!

Ashlyn is available for one-on-one virtual or in-person sessions, parties, private events, workshops & classes. All spiritual healing & coaching sessions are confidential & abide by strict ethical guidelines. 


To get in touch, please email

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