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Who Are You?

Ashlyn Aquarius is a spiritual life coach, reiki practitioner, grassroots educator & intuitive card reader working to bring community & connection back to the forefront of New Hanover County.


Serving as an unbiased mirror, she works to remind you of your own personal power & bring conscious awareness to where you might be giving it away in your daily life. By taking a multidimensional, intersectional & holistic approach toward healing, Ashlyn aims to reinvigorate your inner strength, ignite a passion for decision making & help build the confidence needed to live the life you deserve.


Although guidance is given, the ultimate goal is to bring you back to your innate inner knowing & reconnect you with your unique way of expressing connection to the world.

What is your background?

Ashlyn was born & raised in the sunny coastal town of Wilmington, NC. In 2020, she received a degree in Psychology from North Carolina State University with a dual focus in English & Sociology. While in school, Ashlyn completed a wide range of courses including child development, cognitive process, learning & motivation, sensory inclusivity, philosophy, ethics, animal science, horticulture & agribusiness. With this range of interests, she began putting puzzle pieces together that would change the trajectory of her career from future therapist to future holistic healer & community builder. In 2021, she returned to Wilmington & began cultivating this dream. 

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What else do you do?

In October of 2021, Ashlyn founded The Wilmington Mushroom Club with the help of local farmer & forager Joe Choi. The aim of this grassroots educational club is to enhance the public's knowledge of mycology, increase proper identification of local species, provide hands-on foraging experience & expand sustainability practices. Club meet-ups / classes held monthly - To learn more & join, click here

Get in touch!

Ashlyn is available for one-on-one or group virtual sessions as well as in-person sessions, parties, private events, workshops & classes. All holistic healings & coachings are confidential & abide by strict ethical guidelines.
Holistic services are not a substitute for true medical attention. Ashlyn Aquarius is not qualified to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any physical or mental illness.

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