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Craftin' On A Budget: Tools For the Frugal Spiritualist

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

If you've ever been to a metaphysical shop, you know how expensive gathering all of your spellwork materials can be. Of course, certain workings will require purchased items such as incense or candles but very often you can find, make, or recycle everything that you need.

Each of these items I have collected from my adventures out in nature. All items relating to animals have been found in an already deceased state. Never damage, remove, or destroy living nature and be aware that there are certain laws protecting particular species and natural spaces from such acts. Always forage with gratitude & respect for the places you go.

Wasp or Hornet Nests/ Honey Combs

Wasps, Hornets, and sometimes Bees are notorious for being aggressive and protective with a true Warrior spirit. In situations where you need to move full steam ahead, using a wasp comb or naturally deceased wasp can be helpful. Honeycombs from honeybees can be used in honey jars to sweeten a person or situation in your life. Combs from either can be used to signify cooperation, teamwork, community, and progress. Overall, these feisty beings are wonderful aids in home protection jars.

Combs can be used to call in the Air element.

Pine Cones

Pine trees are abundant along the East Coast in multiple variations, so finding these spikey tools shouldn't be hard at all. Pine cones can be used to symbolize the Yule season, Christmas, and Winter. Pine cones also symbolize fertility, the Third Eye Chakra, and Eternal Life. Pine cones can be used in protection spells as sharp deterrents or used in workings that aim to protect the fruits of your labor. Similar to pinecones, Gumballs from the Sweetgum tree can be used in protection workings to attach and wreak havoc to negative energies surrounding you. To learn more about pine cones and their historic symbolism, check out this resource.

Pinecones can be used to call in the Earth element.


Seeds represent fertility, the womb, pregnancy, opportunities, the circle of life, and new beginnings. Seeds are often used to bring in the Spring Season and Ostara. Seeds can be found just about anywhere, including your own fridge. Next time you eat an apple, plum, peach or avocado, consider keeping the pits! Each plant will have it's own metaphysical association so be sure to research how to use your seeds the traditional way!

Seeds can be used to call in the Earth element.

Conch Egg Casings

Even if you live at the beach, this may be a difficult one to find. However, conch egg sacs are wonderful spellwork tools! The Conch symbolizes power, authority, prosperity, and democracy. Conches are said to help deter natural disasters, ward off negative spirits, and protect the home environment. Conch shells can also be used to connect with Akashic records, the astral plane, and lucid dream states.

Note: Please do not remove live conch egg sacs from the water! They are an important part of our ecosystem and need to be protected. Only use shell casings that have washed ashore.

Conches can be used to call in the Water element.

Fossilized Coral, Sea Glass, & Shark's Teeth

Fossilized Coral symbolizes deep emotions, grounding, going with the flow, solid foundations, and change. Associated with the Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra, works to align and stabilize all Chakras.

Sea Glass represents change, healing, renewal, and purpose. The different colors of sea glass hold further meaning. You can align the colors with the different Chakras as well. If you're lucky, you may even find a piece with a picture or animal pressed into it!

Shark's Teeth can be used in any situation where you need to be fierce and tear through obstacles. Shark's Teeth can also be used when you need to call upon tenacity, competition, natural instincts, and drive.

All of these can be used to call in the Water element.


Death is an unfortunate part of this life, but you can certainly make the most out of it. Each animal will have it's own attributions, so it is best to do your research! As mentioned above, I urge you not to harm or kill any animals for the sake of spirituality. For your own safety, be sure to wear gloves and use a napkin/plastic bag while handling any deceased animals or animal parts. Always wash your hands, counter, and tools after working with these.

Cicada Casings symbolize rebirth, reincarnation, personal change, communication, the arts, and reflection. Cicadas can be used in protection work as well as bringing about good luck. Whenever you need a level up, or desire breaking free from a cramped environment, the cicada spirit can help! Associated with the Air element.

Snakeskin symbolizes transformation, growth, cycles, health, creativity, and life force energy. Use snakeskin when you are going through a situation which requires you to shed the old to prepare for the new. Associated with the Earth element.

Seahorses symbolize good luck, strength, power, good will, and generosity.

Seahorses can also be used in protection work as they are strong reminders of persistence and inflexibility. Seahorses are highly perceptive creatures, so their spirit can be used to detect the supernatural and paranormal. Associated with the Water element.


Again, do not harm anything and be safe about it but bones can be great tools when used properly! These two deer vertebrae were found along with a skull in a historic cemetery near my home and now they are used to call upon the spirit of the deer when I need to connect with nature and Gaia. Each bone will have a different meaning depending on what it is and which animal it came from so get to googling!

Bones are associated with the Earth or Spirit element.

Natural Tumbled Crystals

Each of these unique beauties have been found along the Atlantic Ocean or around riverbeds. Only take what you need and give thanks to the land. Naturally tumbled crystals can be used to call in the Water element. For additional meanings, identify your crystal and research!


Living by the beach, I had lots of years to rack up a pretty impressive seashell collection. All shells can be used for restoring and maintaining calm, enhancing meditation, calling in abundance, and good luck. Shells also contain sacred geometry which can be used to call in the ethers during astral travel. Each shell will also have it's own meanings so start identifying!

Shells have a strong connection to the Water element.

Raw/Natural Crystals

It may be hard to believe, but each of these has been found while on a hike or searching around a riverbed. The fact that I found them myself adds such a beautiful layer of meaning and power. Like everything, each crystal has it's own meaning and purpose.

Crystals can be used to represent the Earth element.

Metal Nails

Nails have symbolism that can be both good and bad, however they are for the most part used in protection and baneful work. These rusty nails in particular came from 2 historically haunted cemeteries in my hometown. The large nail in the middle would have been used to seal a coffin. No graves were robbed in the process of my collection, the rain simply washes them up over generations and eventually you can find them poking out of the grass or sand. Rust in particular isn't great for the environment, so really you are doing the site a favor by picking them up.

I hope this guide helped and best of luck to you on your adventures!

With love,

Ashlyn Aquarius

© 2020 Ashlyn Aquarius. All rights reserved.

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