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Mycology 4 Kids!

Updated: Feb 1

Mycology 4 Kids! is hands-on learning with interactive presentations, experimental labs, and outdoor adventures. This class of 20 will be embarking on the journey of foraging safety, species identification, mycology, outdoor preparedness and community building. Each child is going home with their own foraging journal filled with colorful local images, important species to know for safety, fast facts, and edible flora/fungi to learn more about with the help of their adults. This program is designed to help bring kids (and their families) back out into nature, connect them with valuable resources for wellness, and excite the next generation of green thumbs.

The WMC completed the first round of the Mycology 4 Kids! program for k-5 at the Maides Park Davis Center with Wilmington Parks & Recreation in October 2023. If you are interested in having us teach this program at your community center, school, or homeschool group - please email

Print out your very own local foraging guide for free here!

The WMC is a not-for-profit grassroots educational club by Ashlyn Thompson. Club meetings/ public classes are donation based with opportunities to learn all over the city. Check out our calendar and the Mushroom Club page to join & see our upcoming events.

Note: If you are a parent interested in seeing your child's full curriculum, please email and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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