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on TikTok & Instagram!


Please be aware - multiple fake accounts of me are active on Instagram & TikTok. If you are followed or directly messaged by one of these scam accounts, do not engage with them or click on any links. These links have been reportedly used to steal your money, bank account information & identity for malicious purposes. If you are able to, report & block the fake accounts. 

As a reminder, I will NEVER ask you if you would like a free reading over DM or comment.
I will NEVER make you feel rushed to book an appointment, put in credit card information,  send money, or answer messages. I abide by strict ethical guidelines which prohibit me from contacting any potential clients in this way.

All real handles are @AshlynAquarius, anything without this official tag is NOT ME.
I do NOT have a Twitter! The only website I have is this one,

Thank you for your patience while we wait for these accounts to be taken down. As my presence online increases, it is likely that more scam accounts like this will continue to show up.  I appreciate your continued support & online awareness. 

Be safe, be vigilant & see ya online!


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