Let's Build Our Online Community


Thank you for 110k

Wow!! Our online community has grown so much  & I could not be more grateful for each one of you lovely humans. Your continued support means the world to me. Let's make 2022 the best year yet!

TikTok is a free platform where you can find short videos on my spiritual practice, life as a full-time spiritual practitioner, cosmic updates, funnies & aesthetically pleasing wisdom. Ask me a question & I might answer with a video! I will also be going LIVE periodically throughout the month for Q&A, rituals & more.

As our space rapidly grows, I am doing everything I can in terms

of harm reduction. The comments section is closely monitored

& hateful content of any kind is not tolerated. My goal is to make this space a welcoming, comforting, & informative space, free

from judgment or ridicule. If you happen to see a negative

situation unfolding in the comments section, comment 'ADMIN'

on the post/comment in question & things will be handled in a timely manner. Thank you for helping us keep this a sacred, respectful, inclusive, & safe space for all!

1,000 Magical Friends

A major milestone for me & I am very excited to see where we grow from here! My Instagram page was the first 'official' place you could find me before I started all of this. By scrolling back you will be able to see my spiritual advancement, post-by-post, all the way back from 2019.

Instagram is a great place to watch LIVEs, see the weekly schedule posts, daily life updates, short-notice changes of plans, photos of new products, deck reviews, & the occasional pick-a-card readings.

Tag me in your posts & stories!


Join Our Group!

The public business page is where you can like, follow, & write a review so that others can hear about us! This is also where you will see posts about my schedule changes & new marketing.

Request to join the small private community group

'Ashlyn Aquarius Secret Coven'

where I will post personal anecdotes, link educational YouTube videos, share information about local markets/events & sneak-peeks at content.


Please be aware - multiple fake accounts of me are active on Instagram & TikTok.
Many of these scam accounts have set their profiles to private & have no content.
If you are followed or directly messaged by one of these scam accounts, do not engage with them or click on any links. These links have been reportedly used to steal your money, bank account information & identity for malicious purposes.
If you are able to, report & block the fake accounts. 

As a reminder, I will NEVER ask you if you would like a free reading over DM or comment.
I will NEVER make you feel rushed to book an appointment, put in credit card information,  send money, or answer messages. I abide by strict ethical guidelines which prohibit me from contacting any potential clients in this way.

All of my handles are @AshlynAquarius, anything without this official tag is NOT ME.
I do NOT have a Twitter! The only website I have is this one, AshlynAquarius.com

Thank you for your patience while we wait for these accounts to be taken down.
As my presence online increases, it is likely that more scam accounts like this will continue to show up.  I appreciate your continued support & online awareness. 

Be safe, be vigilant & see ya online!