Let's Build Our Online Community


Thank you for 13k

Wow! Our online community has grown so much in just a few weeks & I could not be more grateful for each one of you lovely humans.

TikTok is a great location where you can find short videos on my spiritual practice, life as a full-time spiritual practitioner, cosmic updates, & aesthetically pleasing wisdom. Ask me a question & I might answer with a video!

As our space rapidly grows in number I am doing everything I can in terms of herm reduction. The comments section is closely monitored & hateful content of any kind is not tolerated. My goal is to make this space a welcoming, comforting, & informative space free of judgment or ridicule. If you happen to see a negative situation unfolding, please do not engage with the individual or report the comment/video to TikTok. Simply comment 'ADMIN' on the post/comment in question & things will be handled. Thank you for helping us keep this a sacred space for all!

1,000 Magical Friends

A major milestone for me & I am very excited to see where we grow from here! My Instagram page was the first 'official' place you could find me before I started all of this. By scrolling back you will be able to see my spiritual advancement, post-by-post, all the way back from 2019.

Instagram is a great place to watch LIVEs, see the weekly schedule posts, daily life updates, short-notice changes of plans, photos of new products, deck reviews, & the occasional pick-a-card readings.

Tag me in your posts & stories!


Join Our Group!


The public business page is where you can like, follow, & write a review so that others can hear about us! This is also where you will see posts about my schedule changes & new marketing.

Request to join the small private community group

'Ashlyn Aquarius Secret Coven'

where I will post personal anecdotes, link educational YouTube videos, share information about local markets/events & sneak-peeks at content.