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Working Animal & Pet Energy Healing

Does your animal suffer from anxiety, stress, PTSD, or restlessness?

  • 30 minutes
  • 44 US dollars
  • At Home or Healing Leaves

Service Description

What Is Animal Energy Healing? Animals may not speak in words like we do, but they certainly have a lot to say when we are able to tap into their energy. Their emotions manifest in real-time through their eyes, movements, body language, and vocalizations. Noticing these slight changes is imperative to understanding your animal, their triggers, and how to help them. Using various methods of reiki energy healing, aura clearing, crystal healing, and owner-to-pet interaction we will begin to realign your best friend. You will receive guidance on how to set up their personal living space and your home for continued success. I am also able to recommend different toys, treats, mind-stimulation activities, and relaxation products that will work best for your lifestyle. It's Not Just For Them: Rebuilding confidence & balance is a teamwork activity, not something that can be healed within just the animal alone. I will teach you how to awaken your own inner leader so that you can offer a safe, consistent, and balanced energy for your pet to rely on. Together, you will learn how to work as a unit to accomplish an actively peaceful living environment for everyone. One-on-one healings for both pets & their owners are available for Wilmington, NC and surrounding area clients. Discount bundle packages are available upon request. IN-PERSON OPTIONS: By Appointment Only at Healing Leaves Holistic Center 3329 Wrightsville Ave. Wilmington, NC 28403 l (910) 660-8127 My Background in Animal Healing: I grew up with many different types of pets surrounding me including cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, hermit crabs, reptiles, and birds. Throughout my teenage and adult life, I have volunteered at animal shelters / hospitals and have encountered animals on all ends of the spectrum in terms of temperament. It was through these experiences that I learned I had a special knack for understanding animal microexpressions and how to help them. During college, I decided to further my understanding by taking animal behavior & companion animal science courses. In 2018, I adopted my companion animal, Odin, who I have trained in on/off-leash recall, basic commands, obedience, and temperament since 8 weeks old. In Summer of 2021, I began working and volunteering on two local horse farms where I acquainted myself with larger animal work. Since then, I have been learning, practicing and researching so that I could combine this knowledge with my reiki training.

Cancelation Policy

All virtual sessions must be booked at least 2 days prior to the meeting. Each meeting will be approved via email to assure no schedule overlaps. If a session needs to be canceled, be sure to do so 24h before the meeting time. Cancellations after this time will be handled on an individual basis.

Contact Details

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