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My Familiar: Meet Odin

Updated: Feb 3

I got out of bed on the chill morning of December 7th, 2018 with a particularly large chip on my shoulder. I had stopped taking Friday classes after my freshman year, so I didn't have anything important to do and final exams had just ended. In an effort to raise my spirits, I bundled up, jumped in the car, and headed to the local animal shelter at 200 Petfinder Lane in Raleigh, North Carolina.

My initial plan was to cuddle up with some cute old cats for an hour, check out the dogs, and then head home in time to take my scheduled afternoon nap. However, my plans and life changed forever once I got there and received the best news I had heard all week.

"There. Are. Puppies."

Giddy with excitement, I half-walked half-ran all the way to the back where the rumored group of puppies, named after each reindeer on Santa's Sleigh, had been all day. There, in a newspaper lined tub, were the only 3 remaining. The chance of puppies being at a shelter so late in the year and so close to the holidays was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

The female, who already had adoption papers pending, was busy tugging away at her spotted brother's ears while in the corner, yawning and taking a poop, was "the runt." With a slightly lazy right eye, ashy brown fur, and what looked like a bleach stain on his forehead, Blitzen had been overlooked most of the day. He was slow moving and quiet, almost polite in a way, and had no interest in playing with toys or biting fingers. After watching him fall asleep in my arms, I decided that our temperaments lined up perfectly and I brought him home that very day for a total of $222 (the number of unity & balance) and 98 cents (my birth year).

On our 3rd day home together, 11 (my birth day) inches of snow & hail fell across the Triangle and stuck around for 3 more days after that. It was not until writing this that I realized I had adopted Blitzen on The Cold Moon -- a powerful New Moon that took place in the fiery sign of Sagittarius at exactly 2:20 in the morning. New Moons spiritually mark new beginnings & starting with a fresh slate. Snow & winter represent a similar transformational energy. Our new beginning had certainly come just in time.

A few days later, I was in the middle of compiling a list of potential new names for Blitzen when my Mom texted me the list she had been secretly compiling. There, on both of our lists was the name 'Odin,' the Germanic/Norse God of the Dead.

It was not until after this that I learned his original name 'Blitzen' is also German and roughly translates to 'flash of lighting.' Interestingly enough, as Odin grew older, the once all white markings on his face revealed a black lightning bolt outline.

I started training Odin when he was 8 weeks old after doing countless hours of research on animal psychology & behavior. I learned that animals respond to energy and the relationship you build with them is more important than anything. This was a very profound discovery for me because at the time I was suffering immensely from anxiety & depression.

I realized that my energy was fixated at a very low vibration and I wasn't confident about anything, let alone raising & training a puppy. I knew that the training had to start with me.

For the first few weeks, I had post-it notes all over my house reminding me to be that strong loving leader I knew Odin needed. We built both of our confidences by traveling everywhere together.

As he has grown older, however, people have started responding to us differently. At 50 lbs, I understand that his size can be intimidating, but it’s the comments about what he looks like (& accusations of aggression from his appearance) that get to me the most.

Odin is one of the sweetest, friendliest, most kindhearted dogs I have ever met. As part Collie, he is extremely intelligent and has surprised me by understanding novel sentences countless times. He has a great love for all animals and would never hurt anyone unless attacked. In fact, the only time he ever gets upset, or really even barks, is when he senses something threatening. In the house of a clairvoyant medium, it is mostly spirit activity that alarms Odin these days.

It is believed that Odin & his 6 siblings were born around October 13th. Without knowing his exact time of birth, this is roughly Odin's Birth Chart according to Tropical astrology.

☉ Sun: ♎︎ Libra

☽ Moon: ♐︎ Sagittarius

♂︎ Mars: ♒︎ Aquarius

♀︎ Venus: ♏︎ Scorpio (R)

☿ Mercury: ♏︎ Scorpio

♃ Jupiter: ♏︎ Scorpio

☊ North Node: ♌︎  Leo

These days, you can find us hiking through the woods, kayaking along the intercoastal, and romping around dog parks across North Carolina. We are dog, cat, and human friendly so if you ever see us out and about feel free to stop for a chat!

Special thanks to the Wake County ASPCA and foster volunteers that heroically rescued Odin, his 6 siblings, & their mother ONE DAY before they were all set to be euthanized. Without you, I and so many others would not have their best friends.

Ready to meet your familiar? Find a No Kill Animal Shelter near you here

so more pups like Odin can find their way home!

© 2020 Ashlyn Aquarius. All rights reserved.

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