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Spirit Mediumship Q&A:

Updated: Feb 1

What is Mediumship? Is it evil? How do I prepare for a Spirit Mediumship session? What you need to know and disclaimers before booking a session.

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Spirit Mediumship is the act of respectfully contacting deceased loved ones, ancestors, or pets in order to receive messages from the afterlife. Before a session, I go through an hour-long self & space cleansing to raise my vibration. During this time I spiritually activate strong protections around both of our homes & go into deep meditation to access the astral plane where your loved ones now reside. Once finished meditating, I arrive to the session with a list of images, songs, and/or messages from your loved one(s). These messages can be complex and tend to layer in meaning as time goes on. Spirit messages also often pertain to your current life and what can be done to improve healing the past.

The goal of this session is not to list off things your loved one enjoyed in the past, but rather what they are focused on you knowing for the future. Your loved ones will be present with us during the entirety of our call. Once I am finished channeling their initial messages, we are still able to communicate with them in real-time. During our session, you are welcome to ask questions, receive clarification, and offer feedback at any time. You are also welcome to come prepared to the session with any specific topics you have and a notebook for recording answers.


Please be aware that oftentimes not all the individuals you wish to contact will come through during a session. Most of the time, only those with an important or relevant message will come through. In some cases, your ancestors will appoint a patriarch or matriarch to speak on behalf of them all. You may not personally know all of the spirits that come through to speak with you, just know that they are always there to support you with the best of intentions.

Any and all mediumship messages that come through during the session will be relayed to the best of my ability. In my experience spirits tend to talk in fragments, using quick pictures, sounds, or feelings to convey a message. Some messages will need to be decoded and discussed for more metaphorical meaning. For this reason, sessions should be taken lightly and not as absolute truth.


If you are interested in only contacting ONE (1) specific individual through Spirit Mediumship, please provide the first name of that individual via text or email 24h before the session. Having their name allows me to search with focus for that specific individual while meditating in the astral realm, but is not required.


No, the act of communicating with passed loved ones is very typical worldwide. In many cultures, respect for and acknowledgment of the dead is common practice and part of sacred tradition. All sessions I provide are meant to be uplifting, encouraging, and reassuring to your soul. Mediumship sessions are spiritually protected to ensure that only the highest vibrational messages are allowed to come through. I also abide by strict ethical guidelines that prohibit me from answering any questions about your personal cause/time of death or other such questions.


If you are experiencing mental distress or immediate trauma, please understand that I am not a licensed mental health professional. The services I provide do not take the place of a trained therapist, social worker, psychiatrist, or doctor. I am not able to diagnose, treat mental illness, prescribe medication, or take insurance.


If you live in a home or community in which it is physically, emotionally, or financially unsafe for you to partake in psychic services, please do not put yourself at risk. Your safety and emotional well-being are most important!

I am happily able to work with clients of all religions, cultures, and backgrounds. However, I am aware that certain religions and practices restrict the act of communicating with the dead. Out of respect for your beliefs, I ask that you seek prior approval from your trusted elders or religious leaders before meeting with me if you believe that is something that must be done.


Sessions can be emotional! It is best to book a session during your free time so that you have space to process after without disruption. Feeling nervous before a session is normal! Please arrive to the mediumship session hydrated, open minded, and comfortably dressed. If you are able, give yourself some quiet space away from distraction to collect your energy before arriving to the session. Please refrain from texting or calling during the session unless it is an emergency. You may wear or have objects nearby pertaining to the individual(s) you are hoping to contact, but please refrain from showing me until after the channeling is over. All of my sessions can be held over phone call, Facetime / Zoom, or in person. If you would like to video or voice record your session, please notify me beforehand for approval. Trusted friends and family are welcome to join you during your session, but be aware that spirits can come through for them as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

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