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Health & Wellness Affirmations

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Because your mind and body is worth it! Affirmations for mental health, physical health, energy, and strength building with a positive mindset.

Affirmations For Mental Health :

  1. Relaxation and allowing my body to feel safe is my top priority right now.

  2. Choosing peace is the best thing I can do for myself at this moment in time.

  3. Although I am not fully in control of all circumstances, I am in control of how I respond to them.

  4. A calm mind produces a calm body, a calm body produces solutions.

  5. My breath is life.

  6. At this very moment, I am safe and free from harm.

  7. My body is calm and free from worry, stress, strain, and tension.

  8. When I am tired, I allow myself to rest without judgment.

  9. I do no absorb any jealousy, anger, dislike, or hatred sent from others.

  10. I am able to easily shake off any bothersome thoughts and comments from my energy.

  11. Unhealthy, rude, hurtful, or mean comments from others do not have to be my truth.

  12. I know that unhelpful criticism from others is not a true reflection of who I am.

  13. I am happy to ignore and release negativity around me sent from others.

  14. I am allowed and confident enough to reject negativity and toxicity in my life.

  15. Removing stress from my life isn't selfish, it is necessary.

  16. I am willing to have patience with myself as I learn my new boundaries.

  17. I choose to send negative people in my life love from afar because I know what is best for me.

  18. By sending kindness and compassion to myself and others, I am healing.

  19. I am doing the best I can at this moment, but tomorrow I can do even better.

  20. Being overly defensive only blocks me from receiving healing and abundance, so I allow myself to remain open.

  21. Unconditional love for myself and others is possible.

  22. The Universe is abundant with love, joy, success, and well-being that is available to me anytime I need it.

  23. I am Divinely protected throughout all of my life's journey.

  24. My Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides are helping me to overcome this.

  25. I am Divinely supported in my human experience through discomfort and suffering.

  26. Being vulnerable isn't a weakness, it is a strength and a testament to my ability.

  27. I will feel okay again, it is only a matter of time.

  28. I am open to the possibility of a having a better life experience.

  29. I am open to receiving positive change and new beginnings.

  30. I know that I am capable of making choices that will create more joy in my life.

  31. I understand that I am in control of how I choose to respond to obstacles in my path.

  32. My Spirit is strong enough to carry me through even the most difficult of times.

Affirmations For Physical Health:

  1. By focusing on my wellness with love, I am directly improving my quality of life.

  2. I am grateful for the times when I have been in perfect health.

  3. My body is constantly working to achieve maximum health and wellness.

  4. I have been healthy before and I will be healthy again.

  5. My immune system is intelligent, powerful, and capable.

  6. My body is a self-cleansing system adept at making wellness happen for me.

  7. My immune system fights for me 24/7, even while I am asleep.

  8. I am willing to give myself enough quality time to rest and get better.

  9. I make good decisions for the health my body.

  10. When I send love to my body, it sends love back to me.

  11. With each breath I take, my body is releasing all tension and worry.

  12. The soreness I feel is just my body sending help to my muscles for healing.

  13. The pain I am feeling now is only temporary.

  14. I am not alone in my experience of hurt and distress.

  15. There are thousands of people around the world who feel just like me right now.

  16. I will not always feel the physical discomfort I am feeling right now.

  17. Pain is the body's way of reminding me that I am still alive.

  18. Instead of pushing my pain away, I will acknowledge it and ask what it needs of me.

  19. Giving my body a break physically also means giving it a break mentally.

  20. Racing thoughts do not help me heal, so I am willing to let them go gracefully.

  21. I am willing to ask for help to manage my pain if the time arises.

  22. I am open to receiving relief and healing from the Universe.

  23. I am in tune with my body and my environment.

  24. I am intelligent and intuitive enough to understand what my body is telling me.

  25. I am willing to listen to what my body needs most and act on it.

  26. I am sending love and healing to each cell, organ, muscle, bone, and fiber of my body.

  27. I release my muscles from tension, soreness, and fatigue.

  28. With each breath, my body is sending oxygen and nutrients to every cell.

  29. My cells are resilient and able to bounce back at a moment's notice.

  30. Each time my cells multiply, they are bringing health and intelligence with them.

  31. Each of my cells knows how to heal and help each other for maximum potential.

  32. All inflammation in my body is being slowly reduced with every breath I take.

  33. My body grows stronger and more stable with each passing moment.

  34. My gut is durable, resilient, and sound.

  35. My body is able to digest foods easily, effortlessly, and without difficulty.

  36. I am open to allowing more fruits, vegetables, and protein into my life.

  37. It is effortless for my body to handle and transform food into needed fuel.

  38. It is more important for me to feel healthy than to look a certain way.

  39. I am proud of my body and am thankful for how much it takes care of me.

  40. I appreciate my body's ability to grow, change, and heal itself.

  41. My body knows how to heal itself naturally, but thinking positively helps too!

  42. It is never too late for me to put my health and wellness first.

  43. I accept clear healing into my experience.

Affirmations For Energy & Strength:

  1. I possess all of the energy within me that I need to accomplish my goals.

  2. I am full of zest and vitality, ready to tackle whatever that may come.

  3. When I am mentally strong, I am able to accomplish more physically.

  4. True vitality can only be cultivated by me from the inside out.

  5. I am proud of myself for working hard and pushing past obstacles with determination.

  6. As Spirit flows through me I am rejuvenated and awakened.

  7. All of my cells are illuminated with vibrancy and Divine light.

  8. The Universe continuously sends me new energy sources that I can tap into for my benefit at anytime.

  9. I am able to tap into infinite abundance anytime I desire.

  10. Energy is created through presence with the present moment.

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